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KS AutoMax LLC
Kevin Shenberger

Independent Amsoil Dealer
Serving the York County, PA Area

I have had a passion for automobiles since I was a kid. I enjoying fixing up and driving classic cars and trucks. I have a particular passion for American Motors vehicles, and I am the president of the Delaware Valley chapter of the American Motors Owners Association. I have rebuilt several engines, and done extensive restoration on a 1972 Hornet and 1974 Javelin. In recent years, I've also become very interested in diesel engines, and own 2003 Ford F-250 with the legendary 7.3L diesel engine. It has 241,000 miles and still going strong with AMSOIL fluids throughout the entire truck. The truck does lots of work, and tows our 31 foot, 7400lb camper, as my family and I like to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors.
Location: Dallastown, PA 17313
Phone: 717-586-8654